Home Builders and Remodelers Assn of Connecticut to Open Private Health Insurance and Employee Benefits Marketplace



September 26, 2013

gbac’s Association Practice Group is pleased to announce that the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut has become the second trade association in Connecticut to finalize plans to open its own private, web-based health insurance and employee benefits marketplace. This association-based marketplace will leverage the hundreds of members the association has and its thousands of employees to drive competitive pricing and broader carrier and product offerings to members.

gbac began working with Association Chief Executive Officer Bill Ethier and his volunteer leaders earlier in 2013. “For the first time,” said Bucci, “a trade association will be able to create a truly competitive, robust and dynamic marketplace for its members to choose from a variety of health, life, dental, long/short term disability, vision and other benefits’ carriers and products all in one conveniently assembled place.”

This powerful web-based marketplace for associations was pioneered by gbac. Each association may brand the marketplace as its own, earn income from participation in the marketplace, determine what benefits, carriers and products are offered in their marketplace all with the assistance and guidance of gbac. The association does not to be licensed to sell insurance as that is the role gbac plays in the operation of the marketplace.

Regardless of the changes that come to health insurance and other employee benefits, whether from the insurance industry or from government, HBRA’s members will have a competitive marketplace within which they will be able to make their employee benefit choices. Part of the adoption of the HBRA private health insurance and employee benefit marketplace are myriad educational tools for members ranging from webinars, seminars and newsletter articles to keep members abreast of the latest developments in employee benefits as well as from the Affordable Care Act.

“Before Obamacare we were helping small businesses and associations cope with rapidly rising heath insurance costs and changing markets,” said Bucci, ” and now we are in the unique position to work with associations in developing strong educational tools and their own competitive marketplaces for their members as Obamacare unfolds.”

At a time when especially small businesses need help navigating their way through what is a rapidly changing environment, the members of HBRA will have the best marketplace and professional guidance to help them every day.

HBRA’s private health insurance and employee benefits marketplace will be ready for enrollments in December, 2013.

Eugene A. Guilford, Jr, Partner


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