CEMA Members Are Thinking Differently About Employee Benefits – For 39c a Day!


March 20, 2014


The Connecticut Energy Marketers Association’s Private Benefit Marketplace (www.cemamarket.com) has changed the game.   What does this mean?  CEMA members – small and large – have begun to think differently about how to offer employee benefits in the wake of the Affordable Care Act.

Employers all over the state of Connecticut and throughout the country have begun to realize that the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) has resulted in many changes.  Whether it is cost increases or benefit design changes, all employers – and members of CEMA – face the same realization.  The time to change how benefits are offered to our employees is now.

Many of you have had a busy winter season, and as the winter slowly draws to an end, your focus will shift to addressing business issues that have taken a backseat.    One of those issues pending is how you will handle the offering of your employee benefits.  More specifically, as your group medical insurance approaches its annual renewal, many changes and decisions will be forced upon you.

For $.39 per day, CEMA members have an answer to the many questions confronting them.  More choice of plan offerings, defined contribution strategies and ACA compliance offered through CEMA’s Private Benefit Marketplace (www.cemamarket.com).

The one constant we all know is change.  Your industry has been dealing with change year-in and year-out.  My industry draws a similar parallel since the introduction of the ACA in March 2010.  You can alleviate the frustration and administrative burden by planning now and introducing CEMA’s Private Benefit Marketplace to your employees.

Fellow members are engaging in the process, benefiting from early adoption for upcoming renewals and providing the opportunity for their employees to become consumers.   Why wait?  The changes brought about by the ACA will only continue.  Insurance carriers will continue to change plans while increasing prices.  Control what is important to you and your employees and change the game – for your benefit!

This article as submitted by Joseph A. Bucci Jr. CPA, CIC of gbac, Inc.  gbac is a full service consulting firm offering solutions for employee benefits, private benefit marketplaces, human resources, property & casualty and workplace wellness.  Joe can be reached directly at (203) 985.1703 or j.bucci@gbac.com if you should have any additional questions.

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A successful executive well positioned to leverage extensive skill and experience in the business, government and political environments within which I have worked to bring energy, vision and skill to managing human capital, strategic planning, crisis management, corporate management, financial management, government and public affairs challenges. Positioning for the future in managing and directing change and as well as seeing and seizing opportunities others miss.
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