A New HR Support Affinity Program for Associations and Non-Dues Income


April 15, 2014

hr_snowedunderOur association members dread April 15th as much as we do. The paperwork involved in dealing with taxes alone is enough to make anyone feel snowed under. Taxes are only one of many burdens on businesses that are getting more and more difficult to manage – especially for small businesses. Associations are in a position to help their members and here’s how…

gbac Association Practice Group can construct a new affinity program for your association and its members to help lessen the burdens of managing human resources [HR] issues.   gbac HR is dedicated to filling the needs of businesses that require HR expertise but can’t afford or don’t require a full-time HR employee. Our goal is to take care of your human resources needs by providing support to your administrative or executive people who handle HR activities or to function as your HR department so that you can focus on growing your core business.

gbac HR takes care of businesses no matter how few the number of employees. We specialize in helping small to mid-sized organizations benefit from outsourcing HR, by increasing productivity and minimizing overhead costs. Our customized HR Outsourcing and Consulting services will cater to your association’s or member’s specific needs, whether you are small office or a large organization.

Whether you members are struggling with I-9 compliance to labor law to the ADA or Family Medical Leave Act to Background checks  and Sexual Harassment training – we can step in and provide the help every small business needs. Compliance with more and more complex laws becomes easier when you have the right help on your side.

In all organizations, 80% to 90% of issues have HR implications. When things come up, who do you or your supervisors call? Do you call a labor attorney at $300 an hour? Do you search on Google and spend hours reading opinions and reports, only to find the information is 5 years old? Wouldn’t you rather get the correct answer from your own on-call HR expert who knows your business, knows your employees and is current in the profession?

Let’s get out of the HR paperwork snowstorm, and associations can help. gbac Association  Practice Group Human Resources consulting can develop an association affinity program with your group to offer HR services to your members.  Let’s put together a program to offer your members today.

About gguilford

A successful executive well positioned to leverage extensive skill and experience in the business, government and political environments within which I have worked to bring energy, vision and skill to managing human capital, strategic planning, crisis management, corporate management, financial management, government and public affairs challenges. Positioning for the future in managing and directing change and as well as seeing and seizing opportunities others miss.
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