Our Approach Centers on People


May 23, 2014

shakehandsWe were out for dinner one night this week to celebrate one of our daughter’s birthdays. Amazing to look around in a public space today and take note of how little human interaction there is because most people have their noses buried in their smartphones.

Technology can do wondrous things and make our lives easier, to be sure. It is also healthy to remember that technology is here to serve us, not command our lives and most of our attention to the detriment of genuine human contact.

We have never lost sight of the fact that the technology of our private association health insurance and employee benefit marketplaces is a means to an end – not the end. Our business is still centered on the people we have who are professional benefits advisers helping other people make good choices for their personal and family benefits.

Without the professional benefits adviser to help, the technology we have is nothing more than an assortment of random electrons. Hardly compelling stuff for a movie. With a professional benefits adviser, our ebenefit marketplaces in trade associations can help people protect themselves and their families.

Let’s meet face to face and have a conversation about how our people with a great private health insurance and employee benefits marketplace can help your people.

About gguilford

A successful executive well positioned to leverage extensive skill and experience in the business, government and political environments within which I have worked to bring energy, vision and skill to managing human capital, strategic planning, crisis management, corporate management, financial management, government and public affairs challenges. Positioning for the future in managing and directing change and as well as seeing and seizing opportunities others miss.
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